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Losing Contact

Losing Contact (2023)

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A new space track draft.

Alone on a Spaceship

Alone on a Spaceship (2023)

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A tribute to Stanislav Lem.

Southern Sunset

Southern Sunset (2022)

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Family life

Family Life (2022)

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To my beloved family.

L'air du bouleversement

L'air du bouleversement (2022)

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A new piano piece.

Nous avons pu

Nous avons pu (La Valse d'Asya) (2022)

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Read poetry

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A creative collaboration of three: Fyodor Tyutchev (poem writer), Nastya Soboleva (singer), and Pavel Kiparisov (composer).

Searching for the Sun

Searching for the Sun (2022)

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A piano composition written for the animated film.

The Leaves Are Falling

Die Blätter fallen (2022)

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"Die Blätter fallen, fallen wie von weit,
Als welkten in den Himmeln ferne Gärten..."

Five Songs of a Stork

Five Songs of a Stork (2021)

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My spontaneous improvization on the piano inspired by watching a stork feasting in my park. I was recording the video and sounds of autumn when this guy came over.

February cover

February (2017)

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Written on a fine winters day and performed on the accordion.


Wind song cover

Wind Song (2023)

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Piano cover of Fabrizio Paterlini's composition.

Bastila cover

Bastila Shan's Theme (2021)

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Musical theme from the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Composed by Jeremy Soule, arranged by Erik Hoeting.

Old maple cover

Old Maple (2019)

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The accordion cover of the song "The old maple" written by A. Pakhmutova for "The Girls" movie (1961).


Libertango cover

Astor Piazzolla Libertango (2006)

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A duet with my teacher of the accordion.

Bach cover

Johann Sebastian Bach Orchestral Suite No. 3 D-dur (2005)

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Our accordion trio playing Bach. I post this in memory of Sergey, my fellow accordion player, a member of this trio who sacrificed his life to save a drowning girl in 2005.

Supergirl cover

Reamonn Supergirl (2006)

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What a time.

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