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Pavel Kiparisov


Welcome to my homepage!

System topology

Complex system exploration

Currently I study how cities are prepared for various crises and catastrophes. I analyse urban topology, focusing on critical infrastructure. This is inherently about looking at cities from above and considering their systems as connected and interdependent networks.

Earlier I examined food security and trade issues in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Here you can find my pieces of research, manuals, and presentations. Gradually this page will be filled with more tutorials on data analysis, modeling, programming languages and geographic information systems.

I also write posts in the "Bitternsong" blog.


Photography, music and stuff

In my free time I play the musical instruments and sporadically write music. Listen to some recorded pieces here.

I am really keen on photography but right now it’s on the sidelines. When I go for a walk or travel, sometimes I take pictures of nature or passers-by, friends and close ones. Find some photographs here.

Also when I am in right spirits I write stories and translate poems and song lyrics. Open this link to read some pieces of mine. On this page I keep a list of books I find stimulating.

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Contact me at pavel@kiparisov.space
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