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[   ]North Macedonia_VC-pepper_2019.pdf20190,8MAssessment of pepper value chain in North Macedonia. A technical report, part of a wider study on food loss and waste reduction in the Europe and Central Asia region. See here the official website of the initiative.
[   ]Kyrgyzstan_VC Gap Analysis.pdf2018 3,69M Kyrgyzstan Value Chain Gap Analysis. One of the reports in a series of studies on value chain development in Europe and Central Asia. Read here the official press release.
[   ]Moldova_VC Gap Analysis.pdf2018 7,17M Republic of Moldova Value Chain Gap Analysis. Another report in a series of studies on value chain development. The official press release is here.
[   ]ECA_Architecture of Food Safety Control_2017.pdf 2017 18,8MArchitecture of Food Safety Control in Eurasia. A comparative analysis of European Union and Eurasian Economic Union. Also can be accessed here.